Talking Machine

Whether you refer to it as a “Phonograph”, “Gramophone”, or “Talking Machine” if you are a music lover and enjoy the history of the record player you will definitely want to check out this display. Here you will also find a variety of beautiful glass vases, a vintage typewriter and other antique items from a time when things were simpler although not always quite as efficient as our modern technology.

To All Who Served

For all the military enthusiasts out there we’d like to introduce a new booth. Take a walk through history as you browse through our selection of uniforms, gear and framed pictures.

Signs, Signs, everywhere a Sign

We are very proud to showcase a new addition to the mall. This little room is located in the back right corner. As you can see there are many signs from yesteryear adorning the walls and also a stocked, working Coca-Cola vending machine. Since there are so many wonderful items to look at expect to spend some time shopping the mall and when you need a short break be sure to check out the refreshment area.

Ahoy Mateys!

What do you do with a sick boat? TAKE IT TO THE DOC!

Our second showcase of the month is located on the left side of the store. Tucked away under a beautifully lit canoe this booth has some amazing finds. Feeling inspired to write then you’ll love the appeal of an old typewriter. From glassware to figurines this booth has quite a bit to choose from. How cool is that marine horn? Check out the video demonstration below.

Have You Lost Your Marbles?

If you’ve lost your marbles, then you’re in luck! Our first showcase of the month just happens to have a variety of marbles in jars. Along with the marbles there are jars of buttons, dominoes, checkers and other classic game pieces. This booth also features artwork by local artist Dale Adkins who is best known for illustrations of the Louis L’Amour western novels. You can also find a large selection of ceramic bowls, plates, cups and serving dishes. This booth can be found on the right hand side of the store. If you plan on attending the Shoppe the Block Event tomorrow, stop by and check us out.