Put It In Your Pipe and Smoke It

This display case features a wide selection of pipes from the typical briar wood to corncob. Suitable for the collector or smoking enthusiast. You can’t be a true Texan without a fancy belt buckle so check out our selection of those as well.

Talking Machine

Whether you refer to it as a “Phonograph”, “Gramophone”, or “Talking Machine” if you are a music lover and enjoy the history of the record player you will definitely want to check out this display. Here you will also find a variety of beautiful glass vases, a vintage typewriter and other antique items from a time when things were simpler although not always quite as efficient as our modern technology.

To All Who Served

For all the military enthusiasts out there we’d like to introduce a new booth. Take a walk through history as you browse through our selection of uniforms, gear and framed pictures.

Signs, Signs, everywhere a Sign

We are very proud to showcase a new addition to the mall. This little room is located in the back right corner. As you can see there are many signs from yesteryear adorning the walls and also a stocked, working Coca-Cola vending machine. Since there are so many wonderful items to look at expect to spend some time shopping the mall and when you need a short break be sure to check out the refreshment area.

Ahoy Mateys!

What do you do with a sick boat? TAKE IT TO THE DOC!

Our second showcase of the month is located on the left side of the store. Tucked away under a beautifully lit canoe this booth has some amazing finds. Feeling inspired to write then you’ll love the appeal of an old typewriter. From glassware to figurines this booth has quite a bit to choose from. How cool is that marine horn? Check out the video demonstration below.