Vintage Tools & more

A good tool is always a necessity. Whether you prefer the simple things in life to build with or just like to collect and cherish the things of yesteryear, we have quite the assortment of vintage tools for you. Lets not forget those classic hubcaps and much more. You won’t want to miss these items.


Booth Space Now Available

This is a great spot to sell your merchandise. The handmade ornate hanger with lighting is included. There is plenty of built-in shelving available. The wooden barnyard walls give it a nice, rustic look. The dimensions are 10×10 and you can rent this space for $225/month. IMG_6428_s


Unique Glassware Collection

Are you looking for that special piece of glassware to decorate your home or just complete that set you have stored away? Then come check out this booth set up by dealer #9. They have a large assortment of collectibles for you to choose from. The booth is located on the left side of the store about in the middle.

Texas License Plate Collection

We’ve featured some of it before but here is the full display of Texas license plates we have. Many of these are un-circulated plates. If your a collector of Texas plates you’ll want to see this display in the back of the store.

Classic items from Yesteryear

Today we are showcasing two big display cases towards the front of the store. Inside you’ll find toys and items from the good ole days and more. Snoopy, Barbie, Star Trek, Star Wars, License plates, Glassware, Figurines and more are located just inside these two cases.